Save money on wedding expenses so that guests don’t even notice

Spring is no longer behind the mountains and, as we know, it is also one of the most active wedding planning times. Weddings, no matter how beautiful and thrilling it would be, the new couple is also associated with a large amount of spending, which in the standard Latvian family, however, is assumed by the couple and not by the bride or groom’s parents that it is customary in other people’s customs. When planning a wedding, the costs can quickly increase and, before you get off the ground, you have already shifted over to the planned wedding budget. Although non-bank lenders can certainly be one of the salvages, the experts recommend, however, that no loans be paid to pay for wedding bills. Who wants to start a new family with the first debt already in the wedding?

That’s why every couple is looking for a variety of ways to save money on organizing their wedding, but at the same time, no one wants to make the wedding look cheap and flashy. The real challenge is to find ways to reduce the cost of the wedding without having to let the wedding guests know which categories you have saved the most. Sounds Impossible? Actually, it’s not! Check out our tips to help you find the best ways to reduce your wedding expenses without losing the delicate and romantic style of your big family day.


Create wedding invitations yourself – and even better, as a couple

Create wedding invitations yourself - and even better, as a couple

Even if you’re not a trained graphic designer or a born artist, there are now many online resources available that offer free wedding invitation templates that you can customize for your big day. You are just a few clicks away to personalize your own design invitations, then buy your own fine paper and print these invitations right at home on your printer. If you are concerned about the quality of your printing machine, you can also assign print jobs to professional copiers. Be sure to ask a third party to read the text in the wedding invitations so that they do not contain any textual or grammatical errors (especially regarding the date and time of the ceremony). Printable wedding invitation samples give the couple the opportunity to create their own wedding invitations with the help of a variety of customizable templates, spilling out details and information that are directly related to their wedding idea. An additional benefit of these self-made wedding invitations is that the couple can print as much as they need, as there will be no minimum order quantity as is the case with traditional invitation preparation providers. And, as we have already mentioned, this option offers the flexibility to print selected design invitations on a home printer or local print shop, depending on the budget with which the couple has to go in this category.


Design your own wedding room decorations and artistic mood items

Design your own wedding room decorations and artistic mood items

Recycle and transform everyday items that you can find in your and your friends ‘or relatives’ homes to turn them into creative and unique wedding decorations for your celebration hall. You will be shocked by the beautiful environmental objects that you can create with items that you are likely to be thrown away or recycled. So many of the household items can be transformed into beautiful and romantic décor elements using only a small amount of spray paint or extra decorations that don’t necessarily have to pay large sums of money. You can truly consider a wide variety of items that are thrown away every week – glass items, paper and metal cans. Each of these items can be given a new life with a touch of creativity. Here, too, you can draw countless ideas online, where you will be told step by step how to create romantic candlesticks from used canned cucumber jars. Ask your family and friends to save you bottles of empty wine, mustard dishes, jars of jars, other glass bottles to help you accumulate the required amount of glass containers to turn into decorations for your big day. Be sure to start this project well in advance, as it may be time consuming but definitely worth it.


Design your own design for wine bottle labels that match your wedding theme

Design your own design for wine bottle labels that match your wedding theme

If your budget is quite limited, you may want to cut down on the cost of a wedding bar. Weddings offering only beer and wine are a very common thing and a good way to reduce your wedding catering costs. If you want to save a few more euros – you can choose a cheaper wine that you can successfully hide under your own wine labels decorated with your wedding monogram. This way you will not only save quite a considerable amount of alcohol, but also add extra special and personalized details that will pleasantly surprise your guests and not even think about the brand of wine you have chosen. Wine is definitely worth buying in wholesale bases and when it has been granted significant so-called off-season discounts. Even if it is more than half a year before the wedding itself – if you have where to store it until the big day, it is worth doing so well in time to clear some of the work done well before the deadline.


Use the “false” wedding cake as a decoration, but present the guests with sweet cakes

Use the "false" wedding cake as a decoration, but present the guests with sweet cakes

Such an idea has not yet gained popularity, but occasionally appears in the plans of the new couples, especially if there is a real number of wedding guests. Wedding cakes are one of the most profitable costs to save. Why not make an artificial wedding cake for decorative purposes only, and then serve guests with sweet cakes, eclipses or even donuts of your choice. Be original! It is not always necessary to follow all wedding traditions in their direct expression. This will drastically reduce costs. Your “cunning” cake will look fabulous on the planned dessert table and you will save money because the baker you choose will not have to spend extra time to create an overly detailed cake design.


Quit wedding DJ services between live music

Quit wedding DJ services between live music

If you are looking for another way to cut your wedding expenses, create a great, romantic and romantic music playlist for both guests and live music. It really is one of the easiest tasks that will remove DJ searching, explaining your music taste and hiring a DJ from the wedding planning list. Why pay someone for what you can easily do yourself? There are many great apps available online and in mobile apps that you can download to organize your playlist, and if you want to mix several songs together. There are many services you can use to easily set up your music. If you decide to take advantage of this option, however, you will still need to pre-select one of the trusted wedding guests who can monitor the playlist, as well as cope with situations where technical issues arise on your big day.

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