Credit to families comes from the negative spiral


The 37th edition of the Assofin, Crif and Prometeia Retail Credit Observatory seems to attest to a remarkable recovery in the real estate mortgage market, which flies above all on the wings of subrogations (+ 208%), while the growth of the consumer credit flows (+ 1.2%), supported in particular by loans for the purchase of cars and motorcycles, which show a substantial + 6.8%, thanks to ongoing promotions. jacahuesca.com has more details

Loans for the purchase of other goods

Loans for the purchase of other goods

The survey relates to the first nine months of the current year and also in the installment / option card segment, with a clear recovery looming, witnessed by the + 4.5% recorded compared to the same period of 2013, supported in this case from the launch of new products on the market which have obviously driven many consumers to take advantage of the opportunity. Option cards are also on the rise (+ 5.7%), which also include bank cards used mainly for the balance, while the volumes moved by the installment cards are still down by 1.8%.

On the other hand, loans for the purchase of other goods and services belonging to sectors such as furniture, electronics and domestic appliances and other financeable goods or services, such as travel, gymnasiums or medical expenses, continue to mark time. In fact, during the first nine months of 2014 they recorded a further drop of 6.9% compared to the concurrent period of 2013. The same applies to personal loans, down by 1.5%, with a dynamic that seems to be losing, however, power.

The contraction in disbursements, reduced by about a quarter in the last four years, would be the testimony of the greater prudence both on the part of families and financial institutions with respect to a product which provides on average higher amounts and longer durations, thus exposing to a greater risk than less demanding types of financing. Loans against salary or pension assignment (CQS) are also decreasing, after the recovery recorded in the first nine months of 2013, registering a fall of 2.9%, confirming the decline in disbursements in the towards pensioners and civil servants.

House loan

House loan

The new disbursements aimed at the purchase of houses, with real estate mortgages up 5.3% in terms of financed flows, also recovered. The figure regarding the number of loan purchase agreements (+ 7.1%), higher than that for residential sales (+ 2.2%), shows how credit returned to supporting families in home purchase transactions. As regards rates, the variable continues to have a greater appeal against the fixed rate, with a share of 67%, compared to 20% of mixed rates and 13% of the fixed rate. The convenience of the variable rate also had a significant impact on the boom recorded in the period under review by subrogations, up 208% in terms of flows financed.

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