Christmas gift tips for a cheap money

Christmas is approaching by storm. Most of us look forward to good food, socializing with friends and friends in the light of winter darkness. But one thing that is always a little difficult is finding good Christmas presents.

Especially if you are in need of money! Coming to appreciated, personalized gifts for a cheap slant sounds almost impossible. But it’s actually quite easy. Just think creatively and leverage your talents! Also remember that our weekend loan is for those who want to go Christmas shopping on the weekend and then want a few hundred dollars.

Merry Christmas presents


For example, if you are good at baking, then a can of homemade cookies is an appreciated gift. Find a nice, old tin can on flea ice cream or take a regular glass jar and make your own label, so it will be a beautiful, good and personalized gift. Other edible gift tips are:

  • A good olive oil flavored with chilli and garlic, lemon or fresh herbs
  • Homemade jam or jam
  • Your own tomato sauce / ketchup
  • Homemade crispbread or homemade, luxurious granola
  • Caramel, crackers or other sweets in beautiful paper

Together with a nice glass jar or bottle with handwritten label, the perfect last-minute Christmas presents to bring to the mulled wine party! Just remember that what you give away should have a decent shelf life, so it doesn’t have to be eaten in the middle of the Christmas celebration.

Postpone the cost


Another way to meet the Christmas gift costs if you are temporarily broke is to give gifts in the form of experiences. For example, you can give a cinema visit including snacks, a restaurant dinner or a trip with an archipelago boat. Or some other fun experience you can do together, which suits both your personal interests and your wallet.

These are gifts that the recipient is guaranteed to be happy with, but where you can postpone the cost to after the Christmas holidays when your finances are better!

Gift certificate on yourself


If you will not have more money in January, and you are no star in the kitchen, you are probably good at something else. Another fun and cheap Christmas gift is a gift card where you give away your services. For example:

  • One hour back massage for mom
  • An evening as a babysitter for the sister and her husband, so they can go out on tu man’s hand
  • A big cleaning of the apartment for your lazy little brother
  • A manicure including wine and girl’s snack for the best friend
  • A lawn mowing / snow shoveling / chopping for grandma and grandpa
  • An excursion day to a nearby tourist destination, where you drive the car and bring a snack basket
  • Or if you are good at cooking – a romantic dinner for cohabitants, where they can decide all the dishes

Or you are good at something else, such as carpentry, sewing or photography and can give away a “clip card” in three, five or ten occasions when the person can utilize your specialized knowledge. Guaranteed appreciated!

In other words, Christmas presents don’t have to cost a lot of money to be successful. Whether it is a thing for twenty bucks from a flea market or a pair of home-made socks, the point is that it is a gift with care.

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